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@anmonteiro: Do you know who packages lumo for Arch? "marcs"?


@anmonteiro is :optimizations :simple support by


I also saw that what's really being packaged is the NPM installation


The actual binary would be better


@richiardiandrea I appreciate you kicking the tires of cljs compilation in Lumo but what's there is a very early stage prototype that has definitely a lot of bugs


@anmonteiro I am able to compile very simple lambdas with :none for now, :simple does not seem possible, I will open issues and try to have a look as I move forward


@anmonteiro Got it. I was just curious because when a 1.7.1 is cut I will want to get my hands on it. And also because I'm curious about how packaging is done so I wanted to see if I could help. 🙂


Would definitely appreciate help with packaging Lumo for different pkg managers


That's also something that can be PRed to the Lumo repo

Drew Verlee19:08:38

Has anyone considered making it possible to run boot from lumo? I see this project which might be doing just that I assume that if boot was mainly cljc then it could easily compile to … node and run on lumo (i might be a bit confused on the transformation steps there). From their, the big difference between lumo Boot (node) and clj boot (java) would be the pre-built tasks you could invoke.


@drewverlee I proposed a port for the Google Summer Of Code this year but it did not get through this year


The idea is super good

Drew Verlee21:08:58

@richiardiandrea oh really? Can i see the proposal? I’m not sure what i have in mind makes sense, is useful, necessary, etc… I’m in the early stages of brainstorming the itch that i feel needs scratching.


Sure let me find it. A task oriented lumo exists as well...the name is mach by juxt folks. Give me two minutes


@drewverlee the idea is "boot-clj on Node.js" tomorrow I can try to send you the application, on my mobile now:


@drewverlee not boot perse but the calvin tool has some of the lein fuctionality working