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Switched to proto-repl this weekend, loving it so far. Actually my second time around with it, definitely much more usable than it was in my first encounter. One question: is there a way to get the sort of static analysis we see with Cursive, e.g. highlighting undefined symbols?


I don't believe anyone has written a package for that (yet)...


TBH, I just hit shift-opt-cmd-b and have it evaluate the current top-level form and see whether it compiles.


@rgdelato Thanks, will give it a try.


@seancorfield Are you using something in conjunction with that approach to make exceptions shorter/easier to read?


There are also Atom plugins for eastwood and kibit, but they both use lein so they're both super-slow, and eastwood doesn't work on CLJS, so joker is the best I've been able to find.


From an undefined symbol on compilation? Here's what I see in my REPL for such a thing:

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: foo in this context
clojure.lang.Compiler$CompilerException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: foo in this context, compiling:(/Developer/workspace/wsmain/clojure/api/test/worldsingles/expectations/mobile/user.clj:381:11)


No stack trace, just the error.


(may be a difference between using Leiningen and Boot? I use the latter)


That's the kind of thing I see as well (also using boot), just a lot of them when typing with proto-repl active.


Ah, do you have the experimental auto-evaluate feature turned on? I don't find that very productive...


Here's a screenshot from joker. Is this the kind of thing you're looking for?


Yes, I do have autoeval turned on. I like it, warts and all, but certainly has room for improvement.


@rgdelato Yes. However, haven't had any luck getting it to run, keep getting an error like "Error running joker - Process timed out". joker is available on my path, can execute from the cmd-line. Using Windows.


@rgdelato I'd seen someone else mention joker and it looks interesting... I might try that!


I'm reminded why I hate Ruby/Homebrew 🤕 goes to StackOverflow to see how to fix his broken brew install crash, bang, wallop searches for reasons that Joker won't install runs brew update -- ah, success this time! finally installs Joker via Homebrew!


Wow, linter-joker causes a lot of dependencies (packages) to be installed... click yes, click yes, click yes...