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Just wanna say thank you to @yogthos for making memory-hole as a thing I referenced to figure out how to do authenticated compojure-api building!


thanks, glad to hear it came in handy 🙂


I read your book but it defining it in restricted-routes wasn’t wrapping the body in the right way, so i used the new template’s way. i’m also gonna learn re-frame using memory hole. I’d just use it as a blanket SPA template if not for the license :)


It’s the most advanced (and modern) open source clojure site setup (that’s not highly specialized) that I’ve found.


yeah re-frame is pretty amazing


I wish I looked at it sooner, would’ve definitely put it in the book if I did


and took a bit of digging to find the idiomatic compojure-api way to do auth, but it’s pretty nice once I got it working in memory hole


Ahhh I see. Also, side question: did you design macchiato in a way that it’s somewhat transparent to port an app on the JVM backend to node, or is it (a lot) more complicated?


(I haven’t even tried, but it seems like a nice alternative to deploying a little test thing on a free heroku dyno vs using the JVM)


for simpler stuff it should be fairly transparent


the middleware stack is very close to the one in ring-defaults


that’s good to hear. maybe i’ll try it once i get some more features in this little experiment. thanks! I’m a big appreciator of your work as someone who knew scheme (among other languages), but never did web programming before reading your book.


glad I helped 🙂