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anyone using localstack with amazonica?


I’m having a bit of difficulty getting the incantation right that would allow me to point my aws calls to the local … localstack


(I do not)


ah, I think I found the issue. The application from which I’m invoking my AWS code needs some exclusions; when used from a fresh repo, I simply need to use amazonica’s with-credential and then a fake key, secret, and the local url for the localstack service. Cool stuff 🙂


and my problem was solved by moving amazonica’s decl in project.clj nearer to the top, before several other libraries that depend on apache http libs - lesson which I didn’t know; ordering matters: )


@derwolfe if you specify :pedantic? :abort in your project.clj it will bork if there are any incompatible dependencies and ordering will stop mattering


@mccraigmccraig oooh, good to know. I’ll give that a try 🙂


(you will then have to specify sufficient exclusions that there are no more incompatible dependencies to stop it borking - i prefer that you are forced to be explicit like this)