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@curtis.summers: Thank you very much for the help! I forgot to post my findings before I went to bed yesterday. That was pretty much it. The exception being that also lein repl needs the connection to be manually established.


First time in this channel and I get the right answer straight away. Great community - thanks @curtis.summers!


So, over the weekend I was playing with Luminus and got a bit annoyed at the boilerplate code being generated for the +postgres profile. (to be clear, this isn’t really luminus’ fault, this same boilerplate gets copy-pasted all over the place), so I took the boileplate and stuffed it into a library: Now, what I’m wondering is if it would make any sense for luminus to import this library rather than outputting the boilerplate directly? I’m open to being told what I’ve done is not that useful, but I suspect this could be worthwhile.