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good morning


Morning everyone. Has anyone worked through the book Functional Programming Patterns in Scala and Clojure? ( I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on it.


Hi! I wrote a blog post about boot and cljs and now I'm pasting it all over the place: ! Check it out if you're interested in using boot and cljs!!


@yogidevbear: a book that covers Scala and Clojure? Interesting


@echristopherson reading more reviews seems to highlight that the book is more about FP patterns in relation to OOP patterns than Scala or Clojure specifically, but still looks very interesting


It'd be nice just to have some comparisons between the languages, for me


I completely agree. I get the general impressing that Clojure has the advantage of the in memory stuff (SMT or TSM or something?) but career wise, Scala seems to be a bit more popular. I could be wrong though


software transactional memory system (STM)


Re: the Bevilacqua-Linn book. I mostly skimmed it and it is indeed mostly about how OOP patterns are largely subsumed by basic FP (they 'evaporate') and additionally about what may be termed 'patterns' for FP. To the extent he 'compares' Scala and Clojure, he comes off as more favorable to Clojure. But then, I just skimmed it...


@michaellopez: I just saw your user icon and @sherman's name right above it, and for a moment I thought your pic was of Sherman from Mr. Peabody -- except with dark hair.