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@doddenino: Do you get this problem when trying to load some other resource than /? That’s where I am too. Was looking for a way to make figwheel always serve the same index.html regardless of path and let accountant handle the dispatch.


@pez yes, i solved the problem using a ring backend


I’ll do it that way too. Just need to read up on what a ring backend is. That’s the level of noob I am at. 😃


Yes, @venantius, I’m leaning towards going with accountant together with bidi now and worry about the html5 requirement later. I actually tried with pushy first and it worked as well, but then wanted to try accountant anyway. Switching from pushy to accountant was really easy and I think I’ll stick with it, since it glues into the rest of my setup very nicely. Am I correct in regarding pushy and accountant as two solutions for the same problem?


that’s correct


originally accountant was just written for secretary and I just wanted something that would magically configure itself


then @arohner submitted a pretty excellent PR to open it up for general routing libraries


Thanks, it seems to work like a charm together with bidi. I have tried several approaches with secretary, including this one which I had to adapt some on the browser history-hookin end. That was before going crazy over what the DSL approach forced me to do so then went with bidi. I’m still using the general reagent/atom approach that yogthos introduces in his blog post. That gave me some headache at first when trying to use accountant, before realizing I need to dispatch-current! first thing after configure-navigation!. I’ will probably blog something about it, even if I am a bit reluctant since I am such a clojure-world noob.


blog posts are great! they help the people who follow after us figure out the right answers simple_smile


Word. I’m just worried that I might be misleading some other poor noob. 😃 But I have actually tried out some four or five different approaches so seems I should share now that I feel some peace with the result.


@pez: Blog post would be appreciated, even if you aren't 100% confident - I've spent a bit of time on it but am not totally satisfied with my solutions, your angle looks interesting and in line with what I want mine to be.


I'll whip something up. @venantius is right, we're in together on the search. 😄