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Yehonathan Sharvit12:10:39

Could someone explain me what’s the meaning of sentences like the one below, displayed by leiningen, when running lein :deps

Tried to load org.jsoup/jsoup version 1.13.1 but 1.11.3 was already loaded.


@viebel coming from this:

# leiningen.core.classpath/warn-conflicts
"When using the bootclasspath (for boot speed), resources already on the
  bootclasspath cannot be overridden by plugins, so notify the user about it."
I believe


so this org.jsoup/jsoup is on your bootclasspath


so any way it is trying to come in otherwise is being disregarded - meaning the bootclasspath one version is the one that is used


this is how I interpret it - not famliiar with seeing this issue come up for me personally though.


looks like perhaps this warning has been pushed to :pendantic? mode only now


but again, haven’t verified any of this beyond quick look