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Jim Newton07:10:14

is there a way to get a URL to a message or thread in the clojurians feed?

Jim Newton07:10:50

I'd like to link a message to an issue in github.


You might want to copy the content of the message(s) in question before they get deleted. Free slack doesn't keep all the messages around.

Jim Newton17:10:57


Jim Newton18:10:25

I actually much prefer but I'm assuming the information will stay forever


I think the clojure zulip mirrors slack and those will stick around forever:


mouse over the message > in the right side close to the reactions button there will be a More actions(three vertical dots) > Copy link

Jim Newton09:10:45

Am I blind? I don't see it.

Jim Newton09:10:20

I found a Copy Link item when I mouse on the date. I think that's the right one.