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I have a few jar files, which for licensing reasons I cannot upload anywhere


they currently live in a subfolder and I've specified them as resources, which makes the repl happy


however leinigen does not seem to pack them into an uberjar when running lein uberjar


does anyone have any pointers on how to get this working?


@wdullaer my guess is that they are in the jar if they are in your resources dir, but they are not at the root of the jar where normal usage will find them


@wdullaer two options are to use mvn to install the jar to your local cache by hand, or use the lein localrepo tool that does the same thing


another option is to make a private maven repo and deploy that jar to the private repo (eg. the lein aws wagon plugin which my team uses for shared private jars)


all of a sudden the past few days leiningen is trying to connect to a maven repo on localhost to download missing deps, failing, and giving up. but neither ~/.lein/profiles.clj nor the current project.clj have any reference to such a repo. tested with both lein 2.8.1 and 2.7.1. where else should I look to fix this?


nevermind. rebooting fixed it. as it does every problem in life. ¯\(ツ)