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Hi all: let's say you've started you're dev pipeline. What is the generally recommended way to signal to the rest of the app that you are in "development" mode?


@zalky that really depends on you, and the app. in a classic web backing with .edn config file you will have different folders with different configs and you can then have inside there a :debug key or something


@richiardiandrea: thanks for the suggestion. I found this while doing some research:, dead simple to use for now.


@zalky bit of a clojure question really, buuuut, we have dev/dev.clj added to the classpath during development. Developers start their system from there, and the system function has :dev hardcoded in as a profile.


Then we use that to read an Aero config. Then the code uses the config to decide what to do beyond there.


@dominicm: thanks for the response! Will keep that in the back pocket if environ is not sufficient.


@zalky We use this one: - it’s awesome, but not well known


It supports an in project config.clj file (which just contains edn) + overriding via environment variables and more (but the first two is how we typically use it)


Awesome, great option. Will look into it!


I see now it even supports json.


We set environment variables in our CI server so you can override per environment without creating different config files


Would it make sense to make an issue on Boot to separate the resolution and download of plugins from the adding of them to the classpath? More context here


There's lots of places that want to be able to download the dependencies ahead of build time for lots of good reasons.