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Anyone happen to know if there are any limits to how many cores lein will use to build a project?


ie if I bump from a dual-core system to a quad-core, will lein take advantage of that?


Is this for Clojure or ClojureScript? Either way I don't think there's anything lein specific for building projects, it comes down to the clojure and clojurescript compiler


CLJS compiler has an (experimental) parallel build option, I think Clojure JIT compiling is single threaded, but I could be wrong on that


Makes sense — I doubted that lein would be the bottleneck, but I figured I’d start there rather than asking first at a lower level, only to discover a higher-level bottleneck. It’s a mixed clj/s project. I’m just considering my next developer machine, and trying to analyze where I’ll get gains from bumping to 4-core, and where I won’t. REPL restarts, as much as I’ve cut them to a minimum, are definitely my most annoying CPU-bound wait.


Or apparently CPU-bound, anyhow, since the CPU maxes out during lein repl.


(Actually, I should clarify that lein repl time is pretty excellent these days on a fresh project, and I really appreciate the work folks have done on that — but on my main project, which is quite large and complex, it’s still pretty lengthy)