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How do I set a cursive Lein profile to use that dependency?


It doesn't seem like the dependency is enough to override the source-paths configuration, it still creates a separate sources root submodule


@danielcompton What do you mean by using it as a source dependency?


We have 3 projects in one git repo, client, server, and specs. Rather than constantly releasing versions of the spec project, we want to specify :source-paths ["../specs/src"] so that the project always uses the current version of specs when building


If you’re all using Cursive, you don’t need to change the versions of the spec project. Just add a dependency on the spec project, and Cursive will set up a module dependency, which will allow the depending modules to access its source.


It sounds like the sort of thing you might use checkouts for, too.


You can configure the profiles that are used to sync the project in the Leiningen toolwindow, the profiles that are selected in the profiles tree.


I think I found a bug: in a test directory, use New -> Clojure Namespace, select ClojureScript test, you get a your-test.cljs file with this:

(ns app.your-test
  (:require [clojure.test :refer :all]))
Note "clojure.test" instead of "cljs.test"


Should be working fine. Cljs compiler aliases cljs as clojure for simpler cross-platform code.


@cfleming greetings, I found an issue with clojure code debugger, do I report it within cursive project, or is it 3rd-party for you?


to reproduce: set any breakpoint inside clojure.pprint/print-table, and then try to step over: since print-table defined inside separate file via:

(in-ns 'clojure.pprint)
(defn print-table
IDEA highlights correct line inside wrong file: jar/clojure/pprint.clj, instead of jar/clojure/pprint/print-table.clj


@cfleming Is it possible to mess with how Clojure formats vectors across lines? I would like [foo bar\n----baz] rather than [foo bar\nbaz] if that makes sense? I had a look at the Clojure code style parameters and couldn't see anything so I'm guessing not, but never hurts to ask right? 🙂


Has anyone seen Visual Studio’s purported Clojure support? Anyone used it? A new-to-clojure-dev just asked for my help therein and it looked hella messed up. Instead of engaging in a Vim/Emacs/Cursive editor war with them, I’m trying to understand what the benefits of it over Cursive are before telling them to come to the light…etc.


@misha Could you report that in the cursive tracker?


Reading that blog post it should in semi-recent CLJS versions.


@sandbags No, but if you can create an issue with the behaviour you’d like I’ll look at it.


@amann I haven’t, no - my impression is that it’s pretty green, but I think someone is working on it actively.


I don’t know much about it - my impression is that in general Atom would be a better choice just because of proto-REPL


yeah, that was my feeling as well


the out of the box auto formatter is…bad…to put it lightly


I’ll play with it a lil’ and see if it’s worth a damn