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I have a bunch of stuff in my :dev profile that all seems to take effect when I run lein repl, with the exception of a :source-paths list that doesn’t seem to be respected. Can anyone clue me in?


For example, under my :dev profile I have:

:plugins [[venantius/ultra "0.4.1"]]
:source-paths ["src/clj" "src/dev"]
:repl-options {:init-ns dev.user}


that plugin is loaded, my repl starts in dev.user, but that ns requires a file that’s also under src/dev and it errors out saying it’s not on the classpath


using the lein pprint plugin, it shows that those source paths do get merged into the top level source-paths.


turns out I wasn’t using the right naming convention (including for dev.user, but it worked b/c it was specified to be loaded in the repl-options)