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i have a query like :prop1 :prop2] and the same read fn for both them, returning `{:remote true} for both props


both read functions are called, but my send function only gets called with the :prop1


where in the om source is the send function actually called?


@molstt sorry your example is just too conflated. you need to clarify what you want to do with a smaller example


I just don’t have time to look at everything and figure out what you want to do


one thing i noticed which is where you might want to start tracking what the problem is: in your parser the query you’ll get is a map of {:route query-for-that-route}


you don’t want to recurse on the entire thing


you probably want to extract the query-for-that-route and recurse on that


in my snippet, I think we want different behavior for that last example, right?


@anmonteiro ok, but will have too look at that later - prepping for travel


@dnolen definitely. safe travels!


FWIW it doesn’t break any other tests if we fix it. I’ll submit a PR for you to review whenever you’ve got time


Does db->tree expect collections to be either vectors or maps? (a scan of the code suggests it does). I.e. you cannot do a join on a set.


@anmonteiro the fix for om-808 seems to have solved my issues, but I’m now running into an error when the reconciler is trying to update a component deep inside a hierarchy. reconcile! invokes full-query with a nested component which throws a message like No queries exist for component path (compassus.core/ui_64283 <…my component hierarchy…>. Not sure where to start narrowing this down!


I should point out the component in question does implement IQuery, seems more like a path issue?


@jonsmock the tutorial needs a new maintainer. I'm busy maintaining Untangled, which has it's own expanded version of that tutorial targeted at the plumbing we've written for Om Next. Be glad to merge PRs from anyone wanting to update it.


@tony.kay: Thanks! I'm just getting back up to speed, but I'll send something if I can. Love the untangled work btw


welcome, and thanks


Folks using Compassus: I’m in the process of fixing a lot of stuff which will mean some breaking changes. However, I keep a very detailed change log, so I foresee a very smooth upgrade path. Also, because I’m confident on the maturity of the library, once these changes are in place I’m just going to call the next release 1.0.0-alpha1


Feedback appreciated!


@jfntn if that’s a Compassus issue it would be great to include in these ^


do you have a minimal repro?


OK just released Compassus 1.0.0-alpha1 🎉 Check the change log’s “BREAKING” changes for information on how to upgrade, and feel free to ask me anything here or provide any feedback you might have!