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jfntn, had that earlier and believe that I hacked around re-evalling the ns form or injecting it -- sorry can' t remember which step actually fixed it -- think it was from the menu but might have been as simple as re-eval'ing whole buffer once


@herbm thanks, managed to get it to work doing a bunch of random actions too đŸ˜•


I believe it had something to do with the repl ns not being the same as the ns in question, though if that’s the case it’d be a regression since that used to be no problem


@jfntn, could be - I was also working 4Clojure problems and when my current file would grow large enough to slow Emacs down I would open a new file/buffer name and keep coding with the same REPL -- mostly that worked. My issue happened after some sort of significant compile or stack overflow error I believe also.


I have project where I have used lein reagent template to make stub project. I have added one new clj file to the project. With lein figwheel I have no problems, but when trying cider-jack-in-clojurescript cider complains that it can't find the namespace of the new file. Has anyone had similar problems?


And I finally seem to have solved my problem ^^' You needed to really start cider on clojurescript file on the project, clojure file in the project was not enough