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What's the recommended way for a leiningen plugin that uses eval-in-project to print? Currently I call leiningen.core.main/info which works fine.... however this means that I need to inject a dependency on [leiningen "2.6.1"] into the project vm... I've just had a problem because of a transitive dependency conflict on httpclient (included through aether)... Is there a better way? I was thinking either: - A future leiningen version could put the code to print in another artifact that has no external dependencies... that way I could only include what I need. - The leiningen process could return a sequence of strings - which I print from lein vm


Hi Guys any idea about "REPL server launch timed out.” ?


or how to debug it to find the reason (my bet its netowkring problem)


@andrzejsliwa: firstly you can extend the timeout.... There are usually two places it can happen.... 1) At initialisation... i.e. loading clj files... You can debug this by adding :verbose to your top level ns definition and watching where the printlns as namespaces load slow down. 2) It's because of a function you're calling at initialisation.... e.g. :repl-init - stop doing it at repl-init... fire up a repl, then performance test through normal methods.


but yeah its probably a networking problem


Hi, is this a good place to ask questions about leiningen plugin development?


I’m trying to write a plugin that is wrapping a java app, but I’m running in some strange classloading issues with Google Guice.


It looks like I just had to clean up a really messed up dependency tree.