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Oh hey @nberger, thanks for the pr I'll have a look. Also, about the gzip, I'm going to host the site from behind an nginx server now so gzip is to be taken care of.


(just working on the announcement / switch over now.)


Good to hear @escherize!. Yeah, after playing a bit with gzip (and have it kinda working) I thought that it's a stretch to try to solve it that way, given that web servers or CDNs use to do that


Yeah, the problem is that s3 won't automatically put in the proper headers just because something's zipped. ­čś▒ ­čś▒ ­čś▒


Yeah, you have to add --content-encoding=gzip or something... So much better to go with nginx, or cloudfront


I added the header that way to deploy to which I'm going to turn off as soon as you announce the new release :)