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Curious. I was looking through the Github issues and noticed that Om Next was being considered but it was closed. Does that mean the future of the front end is still TBD?


@grounded_sage: aye, not sure if is heading in a good direction; we are also evaluating reagent


i will post an Issue re: this


I welcome everyones thoughts and experiences on this


personally, i'm leaning towards "reagent following the re-frame pattern, but not full re-frame" ... but, I admit that it may be the "oooh, new shiny" effect (I've only been using reagent for ~2 months vs 2 (?) years for om)


@rafd: Have you read this?? I've got a list of resources I have collected over time which I planned on learning. Today I went through a Datomic tutorial to better understand the Om Now Intermediate. I really can't comment on whats the best option. I hear Reagent is much simpler and my next thoughts are not to discredit the people who advocate it's use or who works with it. But with David being so close to Datomic/Cognitect/Rich Hickey it certainly makes me think there must be more to it. That perhaps the difficulty could be in it's novelty or that it allows things that would otherwise be impossible which people haven't even discovered or really used much yet.