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I am doing an SPA on figwheel and I am trying to figure out how to configure it so that entering any route would return the`index.html`. I am looking at this answer on github ( but I can not get it to work. My config for figwheel looks like this:

:figwheel {:http-server-root "."
             :nrepl-port 7002
             :ring-handler dev-server.server
             :nrepl-middleware ["cemerick.piggieback/wrap-cljs-repl"]
             :css-dirs ["public/css"]}
But it seems that figwheel is not caring about the :ring-handler key, even if I put any other namespace/handler into it, it does not fail or anything (even non existent). If it is useful to know, dev-server is in src/dev-server/server.js

bhauman11:09:56 I’m sorry about that, @yogthos recently submitted a patch that fixes that