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Dustin Getz19:09:11

Next wave of beta is imminent! Brand new landing page:

Dustin Getz19:09:34

Still need to redo the tutorial, it is really out of date


Do hyperfiddles provide reliable links that users can bookmark? Vague question ... but it is possible to do?

Dustin Getz22:09:42

you mean perma-links with a timestamp in the url?

Dustin Getz22:09:57

The fiddle/ident is used in the URL. If I broke your bookmarks, its because I deleted old docs that are deprecated, and I also reorganized our subdomains. That is just early life while we figure things out


I mean if someone makes a fiddle, can he make it in such a way that url "make sense"


for instance /:food/coffee would always refer to the "coffee" page whatever that page is

Dustin Getz22:09:23

I see, yes you can configure a custom router, we don't use it ourselves today so the setting is actually hidden right now

Dustin Getz22:09:37

I'll help you with that when the time is right


You have a solid product in your hand. I have never seen something like it

Dustin Getz22:09:44

Thank you Didier, credit to Clojure ecosystem and Cognitect

Dustin Getz23:09:41

@didiercrunch I activated your beta account which lets you transact to the tank. Anyone else who is paying attention, @ me and I will activate your account when I see the message, otherwise I will work through the waitlist in the coming week as we scale and work out any glitches


I'll look at that later on tonight