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Dustin Getz02:09:06

it supports all of those through http accepts header, is configured for transit. but there is a bit more work to do here to make it nice and easy to use


you rock. there are few apis that actually supports accepts headers. incredible work there

Dustin Getz13:09:32

haha thanks! one of our mentors is Mike Amundsen, the author of book: restful web apis. he wants hyperfiddle to comply to various API standards like JSON-LD and Hydra, which is something we can support since hyperfiddle is so abstract. I told him we will allow him to inject his own content types (which is really just another custom fiddle renderer if you think about it). devil is in the details of course, we will see

Dustin Getz13:09:27

if we get funding we might integrate Mastodon, that would be wicked