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@bhauman I have a couple of questions while working on boot-figwheel. I was planning to disable the auto watcher in the system map somehow and use watch in boot with the build once feature. The question is, will I still keep the HUD+nice messages functionality or build once just compiles the javascript without sending anything on the websocket?


@richiardiandrea you will have to translate boot watch event data into the figwheel server event that the figwheel autowatcher calls


@richiardiandrea: If you can get figwheel working as well in boot as it does with lein I'll buy you a drink at the Conj 🙂 It's the last thing boot is missing that is preventing me from trying it out.


@bhauman well I was thinking of using build once in order to avoid the watcher build once does not have the nice error messages I gather... @shaun-mahood lol, boot-cljs + reload works well but is also slower then figwheel when compiling I noticed


@richiardiandrea: Figwheel or nothing! 🙂