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I tend to agree with the neovim guys about their reasoning behind their fork and think those are big contributors to why vim plugins tend to be hard to make fast and have few competitors.


@mikepjb I know that in the case I mentioned, highlighting is not particularly better in emacs. I admittedly have a patch to a plugin to make it feature matching. I was under the impression that they both used similar methods (keyword based) for highlighting code, but maybe that isn't so!


I also think neovim has a much better story for highlighting, due to it's async support for highlighting


@dominicm based on how they highlight java code, I thought emacs did a better job of syntax highlighting and being responsive in larger files - it is an assumption though! I didn’t think async support had been implemented yet? looking forward to using cursorline without a UI slowdown in large ruby files 🙂


Neovim has excellent async support


@dominicm thanks for this


Thought I’d share a little example of hot loading a dependency into a running REPL using a plugin I’m working on. I had hld mapped to hot load the dependency under the cursor.


what an amazing channel people, congrats! I struggle to keep up with the density of daily good tricks 🙂 I’m a newbie neo-vimmer


I've made avaliable a few things I was putting in vimrc as a plugin -, it is focused around the reloaded workflow and reloaded.repl, with a few extra bits like hot loading dependencies. It is still pretty rough at the moment but working well enough for me.