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ProCloDo (Project Clojure Dojo) starts Tuesday 18th August. I’ll update ldnclj calendar when I’m home over weekend & have more reliable internet connection. *ProCloDo is experimental. Doctor’s advice should be sought before imbibing as may become (hopefully) addictive.


@agile_geek: ProCloDo sounds fantastic!!! Good luck and hopefully I can contribute at some stage


@korny: when do people learn that is very painful falling down a waterfall ?


Sadly, what happens is that a random tier of management realises this - then they get in consultants like us to help drive the change - then something happens, the political tides shift in some way, and the changes are stalled - but we are still stuck trying to deliver software, on the “old” systems, often being run by people who fear change.


good luck @korny , I hope you get it sorted and that you can have a good weekend.


yeah... Clojure O'clock.....


more cljs goodness on its way.


It’ll be sorted, one way or another, by the time I go on leave on August 21… quite possibly not until just before then! Thanks for the positive thoughts though simple_smile