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@korny: been there! As developer/delivery manager (w/ various titles) on the permanent employee side and as consultant on the other side - many times. It frustrates and infuriates as it’s always the political ‘winds of change’ that stop the ppl on the ground from operating effectively.


My favourite is when Senior management ask you as a consultant to ‘fix’ things. They pay you to do this. You then start to make changes. They get scared because it’s outside their experiences and they dislike delegating responsibility and authority. They return to ‘tried and tested’ methods…. that have failed for them repeatedly for over 20 years!


What’s that definition of insanity credited to Einstein?


@agile_geek: that may have been an elaboration of George Santayana - "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - 1905 The Life of Reason.


@jr0cket: I am planning to add ProCloDo to the Ldnclj calendar tonight or tomorrow. Is that google form ready to go?


Yes, the form is ready.