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Drew Verlee19:04:37

Any advice on how to get rolling with a blog where i can leverage kilpse? I would sacrifice control for simplicity.

Drew Verlee19:04:01

I’m guessing it doesn’t really matter what else i use around Klipse, so i suppose i’m looking for reccomendations


Cryogen has automatic klipse integration:

Drew Verlee19:04:14

That looks great! I was trying to find something like that and nothing was coming up in my search results. I was probably being to general.


I think it's as easy as adding the js file as a script tag and passing it the code tag types that should be klipsified


Yeah, it's gonna be pretty trivial to add to any blogging platform that lets you modify the html output.


Also, disclosure: I wrote that klipse integration stuff.


Cryogen is pretty nice for a no fuzz, instant setup though.

Drew Verlee20:04:15

@madstap Now for what i assume is a very embarrassing question. Sense Cyrogen is a static site generator then i assume their is no way for the user to enter input and use klipse to eval code in the browser.

Drew Verlee20:04:28

actual the docs suggest otherwise. let me dig furhter.

Drew Verlee21:04:15

yep got it to work. just had a typo, which was nicly pointed out by the scheme!


@drewverlee Yeah, like you probably found out, that's actually exactly wrong 🙂, klipse is strictly a client side thing that works in the browser. Glad you figured it out. When you publish something, you should give @viebel a ping so he can add your blog to the list of klipse users.

Drew Verlee23:04:47

@madstap Will do. This setup is awesome, you made my week!