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@bhauman i seem to be experiencing the same issue as @mikerod except it's not resolving itself. have you heard of this before? i'm hesitant to open an issue since it's a project i haven't looked at in ~6 months and this is the first time i'm trying to load it on a new machine. however, it is reproducible by cloning my github repo:


@sophiago I never did find a solution that I was happy with. My problem was that a var kept “re-pointing” itself to old state that didn’t exist anywhere that I could find in my files anymore (including all compiled js files). I ended up just changing the name of the var and all references to it and it stopped. which I’d expect it’d have to stop at that point since I stopped using the old name completely.


I wasn’t sure if it was browser caching. I didn’t experiment with that enough to be sure.


a var in where?


it was in cljs that I had the issue. a var that just held some static data that I was then referring to from a part of my app-state


not sure that is really helpful. and not sure if it relates.


i don't think that could possibly be the case for me. first thing i tried was manually clearing state and printing it to the console


i suppose i haven't tried figwheel in totally different projects to see if i experience the same issue there. i'm hesitant to test this project with a vanilla browser repl just out of laziness tbh


yeah, My issue was frustrating and I wanted to figure it out, but just gave up after a while


I may look at it again if I stubmle across it again


i'd like to dig a little deeper, but seems to warrant opening a github issue


hmm...ok so figwheel won't load when launched inside a totally different project file because it can't find the src from the problem file...


i can't even wrap my head around what that means


i have lein 2.61 from nix. statistically i'd doubt that's the case for you?


mac osx lein 2.7.1


yeah, it seemed to me at the time that the figwheel server was serving old js files somehow, but I couldn’t find them and I searched everywhere


if you have a good repro case, that sounds like a reasonable plan to make an issue to try to understand it


ok. i'll probably open an issue in a bit then