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How to do I access members of a map? I managed to transform the json into edn, how do I then iterate through the registered map...?


What are you trying to do?


You can call (get mymap :mykey) to get the value for a key


my snippet above has a subscription to :data in the data is a collection of users, for now I want to render a div with each users username


well.... if my ajax did things correctly, I just looked into my appdb, seems a bit janky


Hello. For is there possibility to cancel the AJAX request? Say, I'm clicking the links on the page and back/forward buttons very fast and it leads to series of concurrent AJAX requests


each of that would have it's :good-http-result


@andre thanks. really interesting topic. I think we should make browser history "controlled" the same way React.js made input components controlled


(however, the browser history issue is different)


We’re looking at but it looks like it’ll take some tweaks to generate what we want. Curious if anyone here can vouch for or against it?


@jfntn I haven't seen it until now. It seems like it generates quite a lot of files for a single domain model, certainly more than we use even for large panels. Also, we tend to model our apps by screen rather than by domain model. I've never used it so can't give any more of a judgement


@danielcompton yes the default template is rather strange. It seems very configurable though it’s all in js and would probably take a fair amount of tweaking to output what we want