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yeah, there's just not many people using Midje anymore, and we don't use it on any of our projects, so it's fairly low priority. Lots of stuff we could do with that time instead to make Kaocha better in general. Of course if there are die-hard Midje fans that want to contribute improvements that would be super-appreciated. But Midje's code is not easy to work with. It's both a test runner and test library, whereas Kaocha tries to only be a test runner, so we need to treat Midje as if it's a test library, and then we run into things where Midje has its own strong opinions about how things should work.


but I think people mostly come to Midje for the syntax, and as pointed out you can have that with Fudje, which is just a library, and based on clojure.test, so it works with all test runners out there.

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