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Hi folks, I got my current job through Clojurians and it’s been great! We’re down a team member due to a contractor being hired out from under us, and we’re looking for a direct hire to replace them. Full details are at the link below, and feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I’m just one of the devs, but our HR department is swamped and I’d like to see this position filled ASAP.

Drew Verlee20:07:12

Should we apply though LinkedIn?


Yes, that would probably be best, I don't have any direct channel to HR personally


Feel free to mention my name when you apply tho 😄


I'm trying to find out a direct email address to send resume's to, but so far I haven't heard back yet. I'll post when I do.


Hey @U06CM8C3V are you still looking candidates? It's possible to work from South America?


Hi, yes we are, but I don’t know if non-US is being considered (I asked my boss and he’s trying to find out, but information is slow in coming).


We do have a project manager working for us and she’s in Ecuador I believe, so 🤞


Nice, I'm from Brazil and I'm available for a new challenge right now


I'll apply on LinkedIn, and wait

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You may want to check that it asks for “Number of years using Clojure” and not “Number of years using C#” in the application ^_^


lol, I'll pass that on, thanks!