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Braden Shepherdson15:03:59

@plexus so I've still been struggling with this. I actually discovered that in --watch mode, the value was initially unset, then gets set.

Braden Shepherdson15:03:29

I've tried messing with wrap-run and pre-run/`post-run` instead now, still without success.

Braden Shepherdson15:03:14

stepping back a bit, it feels like passing some configuration values (a port or URL, say) from the test runner's environment and command line into a test suite seems like a reasonable enough feature.

Braden Shepherdson15:03:59

say, a field on a testable in tests.edn that's available at runtime to the tests. for that matter, why isn't the whole current test suite and test in atoms somewhere?

Garvita Jain19:03:55

Hi! I am Garvita. I'm an RGSOC aspirant and look forward to contributing to this project. My team needs a coach. My teammate @larika18243 and I are based in India. Anyone working remotely is also okay. Please guide us further. Thank You 🙂

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