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Hi everyone! So I'm starting out with datomic and I have already successfully connected datomic-console to a local datomic-transactor instance, but for a remote one (that uses digitalocean droplet for the transactor & heroku-postgres for storage) I'm having a hardtime, I have tried the following commands:

bin/console -p 9000 sql datomic:sql://?jdbc:postgresql://<heroku-postgres-host>:5432/<heroku-postgres-db>?user=<postgres-user>&password=<postgres-password>&ssl=true&sslfactory=org.postgresql.ssl.NonValidatingFactory

bin/console -p 9000 sql datomic:sql://?jdbc:postgresql://<heroku-postgres-host>:5432/<heroku-postgres-db>?user=<postgres-user>&password=<postgres-password>
For both when I open datomic-console, it shows the following error msg: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host <my-ip-address>, user <heroku-postgres-user>, database <heroku-postgres-password>, SSL off trying to connect to datomic:sql://?jdbc:postgresql://<heroku-postgres-host>:5432/<heroku-postgres-db>?user=<postgres-user-name>, make sure transactor is running Using the URI in the first command I was able to create a database from the repl, so I can confirm that the transactor is working. So, does anyone know what I'm still missing here? Would appreciate any help, thanks!


Found the solution, just needed to wrap the uri with double quotes "<datomic-uri>"