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Joker now has Dash docset: %3A%2F%%2Fcandid82%2Fjoker%2Fmaster%2Fdocs%2Fjoker.xml (either copy and paste this link to your browser's url bar or open it in a terminal with open command)

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Any hints as to how to get this to actually work? My browser (Chrome) doesn’t recognize dash-feed:// or something.


do you have Dash installed?


Ah, I do now, and the URL works now, thanks! Very nice!!


On Linux it would be Zeal, thank you this is really awesome

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oh, I did not know about Zeal. Nice! Does the custom schema url work on Linux or do you need to subscribe from within the app?


I will have to try, sometimes it works ootb...I guess it depends if it is a community contrib or built in


I couldn't get the custom url to work in Chrome (after installing Zeal on Ubuntu), but it worked within Zeal. There's no dashing I can find for Ubuntu, though, to run the script if I want.


I was able to brew install dashing on my OS X laptop and run (which is very noisy, BTW). But I haven’t yet figured out how to install the resulting “whatever” into Dash itself to see the additional APIs autogenerated by my gostd branch, which is what I was curious about….


Putting it up on my own website seems to work ok: <dash-feed://https>:<//> Kinda clunky when it comes to installing and such, but presumably I’ll find a reasonable workflow as I learn Dash, which seems very cool.


Is it reasonable to just purchase Dash then? I haven’t researched it yet….


(BTW, that link is to docs for a private version of gostd, which is somewhat different than the gostd on my public Github fork of Joker.)


Thanks for sharing! about tooling, in Emacs I use

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(I just rebuilt the Dash docs from the public gostd version and uploaded them, so they should be good now, though OSX-specific at the moment.)


Can confirm that the feed working within Zeal 😉

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Great! Just re-uploaded it, after forgetting to actually build and gen docs using that version of Joker.


Getting the hang of reinstalling docset after uploading new one: Using Downloads window, find the version of Joker to update, click Uninstall, then click Download. It remembers the original URL.

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And I changed the gostd VERSION number for Joker to append -gostd so it’s easier to distinguish from official Joker.