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Just a quip but "fully remote" and "must be in Germany" don't really go together.

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Get a VPN: they'll never know 🙂

Martynas Maciulevičius09:05:11

Also rent a flat in Germany, they'll never know 😄 Oh wait a minute...

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Mateusz Mazurczak09:05:51

Also if it's fully remote (no office?) why the location is required? Like what's the reason to relocate someone just to work from the flat online


I assume that's because of legal/tax reasons.

Mateusz Mazurczak09:05:32

But you can hire contractors from other countries in germany

Martynas Maciulevičius09:05:14

I tried to look these things up for Denmark and if you rent a flat there you become tax liable immediately. So I think that these semi-remote jobs try to ask to work by the regular employment agreement and not by the freelancer one. And they will have a regular work contract.

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Adam Helins10:05:37

Why would an employer go through the hassle of hiring an employee if a contractor sets up a good long-term contract and becomes a regular expense? Isn't it way simpler for the employer tax-wise, legal-wise?

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You would have thought, but ¯\(ツ)

Mateusz Mazurczak11:05:45

If you are required to work only from office location, but you connect with your team only remotely is it still full remote?


What does "fully" mean in this context?

Mateusz Mazurczak11:05:38

That company uses buzz word that employees love!


That you don't ever have to come to the office. A term that includes international remote would be usefull, but I don't think it currently exists.

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I tend to use 'remote-USA' (for instance), and 'remote international'. YMMV.

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One note about contractor vs employee is that in some jurisdictions (certainly in Canada where I am), there are between a proper "contractor" vs an "employee that happens to be paid as a contractor". This might be an additional factor.

Angela Piergiovanni Grosso10:05:44

Hey everyone! My name is Angela and I work for Funding Circle, we are a FinTech specialising in lending for Small and Medium sized businesses. We are a Clojure and Ruby house and are actively recruiting, I appreciate many of you might not be looking right now but thought i'd introduce myself for when the time is right. We are looking for Mid and Senior level engineers. We are open to the role being fully remote from anywhere in the UK or we can offer re-location support for any of you that are based out of the UK and even out of Europe! If you'd like to know more I'd love to have a chat wether it be now or when you are ready to start the job search 🙂. Here's some content you can look at in the mean time. How Funding Circle Works: Our Impact - Engineering @ FC: Engineering Blog (follow us to stay up to date): Engineering Linkedin page (follow us to stay up to date): -Look forward to speaking with some of you soon. Angela

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I’ve been watching Funding Circle since the early P2P days when started. glad to see the company is doing well :)