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I noticed renaming of a deftype doesn't really work in clojure-lsp


Hum, I can take a look soon, but it may be related with deftype be a protocol-impl and not a var-def, but we probably can fix on LSP side


not a big issue, I don't rename deftypes that often :)

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Would it make sense to add a refactoring for namespaced map <-> map without default namespace (not sure if there is a name to distinguish this)? Like #:foo{:bar 1} <-> {:foo/bar 1}?


I think so, seems valid


Feel free to open a issue with details


@UKFSJSM38 Thanks, will do. I haven't done a dive to figure out how to contribute such features yet. Is posting issues like this helpful to the project? Want to make sure I'm not creating unnecessary noise 🙂


Sure, issues are welcome and help tracking efforts


We can discuss the impl details and what the feature would be in the end there as well


Great. Will do. Thanks very much.


Renaming namespaces is awesome! Renames/moves the source file, updates references. That was you right, lsp? Thanks!

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Yes! thank you!

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Yes, hail lsp!

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Noah Bogart14:05:55

maybe bug report, maybe configuration issue with my set up: when I trigger signature help, it doesn't update the position of the current parameter (or active signature) when I'm between parameters: (filter even? |) acts as if I'm still inputting the predicate

Noah Bogart14:05:11

if I put in another character, it selects the next signature and the next parameter, but I would expect/like it to select those when I've input a space, as that's categorically moving on from the previous signature


yeah, it's a "expected" behavior on clojure-lsp side, the issue is: we parse the code with rewrite-clj and we would need to know when to know user is trying to add a new arg


not sure we could assume a space + cursor on that position should show a next arg, maybe yes

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Noah Bogart15:05:25

cool, as long as it's expected behavior I won't sweat it too much. I'd prefer it to assume I'm on the next arg but that's pretty small


yeah, to be honest when I implemented that I didn't spend that much time thinking on that, you can file a issue and check what other users think about too

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