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Stanislav K.15:07:37

Good day, everyone. I put my resignation letter couple of days ago and now slowly looking for a new technical challenge! I have more than 12 years of professional IT experience, but I didn't had a lot of professional experience working with a fully functional language and I'd love to correct this situation. Doing clojure professionaly would be a dream come true, but open to other options. Currently based in Netherlands, don't require visa sponsorship. Been working remotely for last 8 years, but will be happy to hang out in the office from time to time. If you have anything that you think I should consider, please reach out through email and/or slack DM's. Thank you.


This is a post for an hourly contract job. Remote work is fine and location is unimportant. Proficiency in English is desirable. We have a need to parse a custom language and apply rewriting rules such that the semantics of the program are maintained and have added instrumentation points to monitor the program.  Conceptually, this is similar to bytecode instrumentation - a common technique in APM monitoring systems - but it for application descriptors written in XML and a proprietary scripting language (   This project will involve writing a parser (likely using Instaparse) and a pattern matching, rewrite system (likely, Meander) to rewrite the  application. Regardless of technologies, qualified candidates will have experience with parsers and term rewriting systems and a keen understanding of language semantics to ensure that the rewritten programs remain correct.