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Calva 2.0.204 just out. With these changes: • • Fix: • Workaround: The change in the formatter for comment forms got me to restructure the Calva docs some to collect things related to Calva’s Rich Comments support on a page of its own, where I also try to make the case for the workflow: Feedback very welcome, as replies here, or in #calva. Happy coding! ❤️

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Please also see our Merch page,. There is better availability of the We do it With Rich Comments t-shirt since a few days:

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Kinda missed opportunity to have the tag line say Rich comments

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Which tag line?


we do it with rich comments


Pathom Viz 2021.7.11 is out! The biggest highlight of this release is the new Entity Data field. Now you can send initial data start the Pathom process. Pathom uses your index to auto-complete possible keywords there, and the query editor auto-complete is also based on the context of the data provided in the new entity data field! This feature is compatible with both Pathom 2 and 3 (requires Pathom 2.4.0+ for Pathom 2). If you are using the Pathom connector make you upgrade it to the version 2021.07.04. You can download this release at If you are in the latest, you can restart the app and it will update automatically. Other changes: - Support Pathom 3 Indexes directly - Query History fix trash icon position - Query History fix appending after overflow - Add from URL autofocus on input on dialog open - Allow display of empty query history - Display error indicators on query editor and entity editor

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