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Manuel Graber08:07:00

Hi there! At Deep Impact we are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to grow our team of Clojure Engineers ( Most of our backends are implemented on Clojure and since our customer base is growing we more development power. We are based in Winterthur, Zurich, Switzerland.


Hi Manuel, do you consider also a remote work from EU?

Marcus Rydberg19:07:20

CLJS Luminare are furthering our commitment to Clojure (and friends) and the joy of programming by hiring two CLJS developers. The roles will be front-end heavy at the get-go but some full-stack experience is required. Any experience with Reframe and ClojureScript has precedence but if you are a JVM-Clojurian who think you are supposed to work with us, don't hesistate to reach out. We are based in Houston and have transitioned into a remote team during the covid-craze. We are early in our Clojure-journey and are very excited to finally have found an answer to the hellish swamp of Javascript-fatigue and J2EE-burnout.   Now we just have to fill up with people who agree. Luminare's core mission is to save 250,000 lives annually, with our core sepsis product. To serve our community we broadened our mission with a covid-19 syndromic surveillance platform that is helping reopen America safely.   In order to keep up with the massive demand for product we now need to complement the team. Please reach out to me (<mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>) and our CEO Sarma (<mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>) with questions or applications.

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