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Andreas Edvardsson16:07:32

I'm still not able to understand whether union to-many queries are allowed in EQL or not, and how to get them to work in pathom. to-one unions seems to work fine though. I have made a complete example with the resolvers and the queries. What am I missing?


hello Andreas, I just tried running your example here and it just worked for me, what pathom version are you trying on?

Andreas Edvardsson16:07:35

@U066U8JQJ What..! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Happy I got everything right then, even though it doesn't work for me... I'm on clojure 1.10.1 and pathom 2.2.30 on openjdk-13, a restart of the repl does not solve the problem. Pathom 2.2.31 didn't solve it either. Fulcro 3.2.9 is also on the classpath.

Andreas Edvardsson16:07:17

Hmm.. seems to work fine in 2.3.0-alpha9 :star-struck:

Andreas Edvardsson17:07:58

Works on 2.2.27 and 2.3.0-alpha9, not on 2.2.28-2.2.31


glad to hear you got it working :)