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Hello!  My name is L. Jordan Miller, if you were at the Durham Clojure Conj 2019 you may recognize me as the person who carried around a hammock until I was able to get it signed by Rich Hickey. 😆 I am an enthusiastic and motivated self starter just looking for an opportunity to work within the language and functional ideologies that I love. Most job ads I come across are seeking a more Senior level engineer and I I will be candid with you- my current skills and experience are more suited towards being part of a team as an intern or a back end software developer. However, I would make a wonderful part of any team! Ask my references and they will tell you that I am gifted with a positive winning attitude, enthusiastic manner, and I am quick and motivated to learn! Most of my CS knowledge has been "self taught" while under wonderful leadership from various mentors. My fluency in lisp languages and functional ideologies is also superb as .clj/.cljs were my first languages (along with Scheme).  You will not regret considering me as a candidate to join your company and team! I am open to relocation or remote work. To find out more about me I encourage you to visit my website at  There you will find my cover letter, a link to view my live updated resume, a view of my blog (currently being reimagined/rebuilt in .cljs/reagent) and a link to my github profile ( is the most recent example of my work) Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please forward to anyone you know that may be interested.   Have a wonderful new year!!

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Hi! I sent an email to the email address on your website but it bounced, so I thought I'd better ping you here. This is what it said: > Hi Loriyn (is that right?), > > I saw your post on Clojurians slack (I am @U053032QC). We're currently hiring for a frontend engineer to join our Product Engineering team, and I think the role might be a good match for you: > >  > > Cervest is an Earth Science AI company building forecasting capabilities to help with sustainable land use decisions. We're currently focused on extreme event forecasting, but we're working on crop yield forecasting well as a range of other climate indicators. We believe that the use of the right machine learning and visualisation techniques can have a significant impact on how humanity uses land. > > At the end of last year we raised a £3.7m seed round to build our initial product, which is what we're now doing - and that's where this role comes in. A key part of discovering the right product and gaining market traction is to build a high-quality user interface featuring powerful interactive visualisation tools, and we need an engineer to help us do that. Our application is all Clojure/ClojureScript, and there are lots of opportunities to learn new technologies, in areas such as mapping and visualisation (we use leaflet and d3) as well as geographic information systems, weather forecasting, remote sensing (a lot of our data comes from satellites) and statistics/machine learning (our Science team run weekly reading groups to study papers of interest that are open to all). > > If this sounds like something you'd be interested in applying for then just let me know. Alternatively if you have questions then please send me an email, or I'm happy to chat on the phone to explain more about the company and the role (this would not be an interview, i wouldn't ask you any questions - just help you decide whether to apply). > > Either way, good luck in your search! > > Kind regards, > > Conan