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we had an issue where our latest Ions revision failed to deploy, and then so did all previously working revisions. CodeDeploy reports a ScriptTimedOut error:

[stdout]Received 000
and looking at the EC2 system logs we see:
ip-xx-xxx-xxx-xxx login: /dev/fd/11: line 1: /sbin/plymouthd: No such file or directory
is there a way to further track down what has gone wrong?

Jacob O'Bryant23:01:16

ha... I was just about to say, "hey, I saw that error last week!"

Jacob O'Bryant23:01:46

Sometimes I've seen errors from bad code I committed in the cloudwatch logs... but if your previously working deploys also fail, idk if cloudwatch would have anything useful What's the Most recent event from codedeploy?

Jacob O'Bryant23:01:18

also is this solo or prod topology? I've seen other people in this channel say that sometimes solo deploys just get wonky and you have to terminate the ec2 instance


wrong link


@asier thanks, i’ll fix it