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"Start with a straight line"... good advice 🙂

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For the pythonistas out there: Which web framework (or composition of libraries) is the simplest in the Hickian sense? Also, are there examples of python web apps out there that don't use any ORM?


@jaihindhreddy I don't know the Python ecosystem very well, but the yesql idea has caught on pretty much everywhere it seems:


hah, it's maintained by someone I know from Twitter


Yes, Honza. He’s Czech. “ANO-SQL” - Ano is Yes in Czech, so it’s technically YesSQL 🙂


@jaihindhreddy I tend to use Sanic( a lot as it does the minimum required like routing, tls, workers etc and leaves the rest to me. Its blazing fast, async and that serves most of my usecases. combined with asyncpg its quite good. also check out:


i personally am a fan of picking the libs i need and make the thing as opposed to a framework, which is kinda there in clj too. i think

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I'm also looking for something that I can actually understand. Django combined with DRF has all the logic fractionated into an elaborate inheritance hierarchy I can't grok.


sanic follows the Flask model which is simpler IMO


I did a couple of projects with Flask and I kinda enjoyed it


It was ~5 years ago though


Flask did seem a lot simpler than Django to me too. But I've also heard it said that, Django isn't necessarily complex, it just comes with a lot of batteries.


yeah my main gripe with Django was I need to go the top down way of removing the things i dont need vs composing upwards


plus the tightly coupled ORM in Django was a deal breaker for me

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What is the official name of these types of time v space/ network / server & client type charts:

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And does anyone happen to know a tool that draws them? The more data oriented the better 🙂

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thanks. Yep, thats the name! I'll take a look.


Didn't know about PlantUML. Bookmarked 🙂

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@mermaid looks cleaner, do you use a reason to prefer one over the other?