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Hi Clojurians, It's hiring season at Exoscale again! We are building a strong competitor to the large Infrastructure as a Service providers here in Europe, with some great customers - including CERN!. If you like Clojure, distributed systems, and orchestration, we are hiring for several positions in Clojure. We build a wide range of things in Clojure: our object storage platform, our orchestrators, our API gateway, our web portal, and many daemons and Kafka consumers. Get in touch here or on <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> We are currently about half and half remote and have no worry hiring remote employees close to European timezones

Ashutosh Soni07:10:40

Hi Pyr I am having 2+ experience in clojure and it's eco system. And build 3 enterprises project. Can i apply for it. I am from india. :)


can you cross post to #remote-jobs @U06V097TP?

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@UNSG2QRL3 Hi Ashutosh. While you can apply, we tend to favor candidates in time-zones closer to Europe and who can travel more easily to Switzerland when need be. This doesn't disqualify you but I wanted to be upfront on the playing field.

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Do you have a salary range?


Yes but given that we work with many different countries, this is something we take up directly with applicants


Hi everyone - Griffin is looking for a backend engineer to join us in our London office. We just closed our seed round and are applying for a UK banking license to build an API-first wholesale bank to power other fintech startups. Our stack is Clojure, Kafka, Kubernetes, Postgres, AWS. We operate in a culture of radical trust and autonomy. Working hours are flexible and we give large equity grants. If you’re interested shoot us an email at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> or learn more about our culture or jobs

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Ashutosh Soni16:10:46

Hi venantius May i apply from india ?


I’m afraid we can’t support remote indian candidates at the moment. We have limited ability to support candidates in the US / Canada / EU but that’s it


@U0A59AFJA looks very interesting, gonna apply tomorrow morning.


@U8WAEGYCD looking forward to your email!