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Interested in transforming regulation-tech with Clojure? Droit is hiring a Clojure Developer in both their London & NYC offices! Fintech company based out of New York City and London, using Clojure and Clojurescript to automate complex legal and real-time decision systems. Droit is a technology firm based in New York City.πŸ“ˆπŸ’» They are fundamentally changing the market and driving innovation around automating complex global legal frameworks and real-time decision systems. Developers at Droit have the opportunity to be part of making an important, lasting impact. With plans to grow the number of developers in New York, they are open to a range of experience levels and functional programming skills, especially Clojure. Droit offers competitive salaries, full benefits, flexible working, and a 20% yearly bonus. Interested in learning more? Email or DM me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>

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