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I have a 3 projects within a project, when I open the main project, projectile can search accross all directory, but if I open a file in a sub-project, the root becomes the sub-project. Can I lock it to the main project?


If a recall correctly putting .projectile in the top dir will solve this.

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thanks, I'll try this 🙂

Lucas Barbosa15:10:08

Is it possible to connect cider to a running cljs repl and evaluate code inline (as with normal Clojure)? I am currently able to connect to the cljs repl and evaluate code at the repl buffer, but I can’t evaluate code while in the cljs files (Eval last sexp). Also, when I try to switch to the repl buffer from the cljs file, I get an error saying something like “no available cljs repl session”

Lucas Barbosa18:10:11

Well, I ended up finding out that I needed cider-nrepl middleware and I have no idea on how to set that up using boot. I just went to shadow-cljs and it worked