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Andrea Imparato12:10:07

hallo everyone! quick question, how hard is to hire clojure devs for your experience?


#jobs-discuss is the appropriate place for this question. This channel is only meant for annoucements.


Not sure why fantastic is struck out -- but they are fantastic, I can attest šŸ™‚


You can DM me too for details


Hi guys, I'm a dev in a clojure team based in London. We're making a bank that doesn't suck, but more importantly a bank coded in Clojure! (that was what sold it to me, anyway) Tiny team, fantastic people, we're DESPERATE for clojure devs of all experience levels. DM me or head over to (no remote, flexible hours offered)

šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§ 8

This sounds really nice. Do you guys accept remote workers?


^ was going to say the same. Remote or part-remote in the UK?


Fully remote, not yet. I really want to be remote, and we're moving towards it slowly - we're only 4 devs, so I can see why being tightly - knit is good for now. We are also 100% pair programming oriented, which I now love.


Part remote, possible, depending on a bunch of factors. Apply and let's have coffee and talk it over! I wanted 100% remote when I was looking, but these guys and what they are doing won me over šŸ˜Š


Remote pairing via slack is surprisingly doable now, do it at current place


so you pair 100% of the time? You never work solo?


@U26ALBTFG Open to hiring from a dev shop/software agency?


@U79NZHC6A yes that's right! We pair by default, but of course solo by necessity now and again. Remote pairing is something I want us to look into. I hadn't been in a pairing environment before - I'm a convert!


@U785CSM1N no agencies thank you


interesting. Iā€™m a pragmatic convert to pairing but def still value solo time šŸ™‚


I'll be speaking (not about banks) at Clojure eXchange if you would rather chat face to face!