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Clojure job available in Germany! But fluency in German is a prerequisite, that's why the offer is already in German 😜. Remote work – within (nearly) the same time zone – is possible: >Wir sind ein Software-Unternehmen aus Bonn, seit 18 Jahren am Markt und haben ein sechsköpfiges Clojure-Team, welches nach Verstärkung sucht: >In der Clojure-Community sind wir sehr aktiv: >Wer Lust hat, das mal näher zu beleuchten: Ich bin hier. 😬

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als Heimarbeit moglich ist, kannst du auch in #remote-jobs annoncieren

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We’re hiring junior full-stack developers at Lovepop Cards in Boston, MA. On-site only. We’re hiring for 3 teams and one of them uses Clojure + Ruby on the backend. Our Clojure web services comprise the platform that allows users to customize their 3D laser-cut, popup greeting cards. Message me with questions / for more info. Here’s the official listing:

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Will you consider candidates willing to relocate?


Yes, i’m not sure if we can help with relocation, but I will find out!


Wait a tick are you the card people in South station?


Open to hiring from a software agency/dev shop? @U0BAS2E13