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is there any reason why the return value of my other function was not highlighted at all?


@azzurite probably because it’s unreadable. I can’t immediately see why, but the :test(x) would be my best bet.


But why did it work (wrongly) for the other function with the same issue :D :D


I don’t know off the top of my head - I don’t have a REPL in front of me.


it's fine, I was just wondering, but it seemed weird when I encountered all this 🙂


In general, using properties like that will cause extreme weirdness in the printing.


when does it switch from the single line map format to the multi-line one?

Andreas Liljeqvist09:10:18

I have a problem with parinfer breaking the structure. Introduced a few eaps ago

Andreas Liljeqvist09:10:02

(let [{:keys [a 5]|} {}]) presses backspace (let [{:keys [a 5|} {}])


@azzurite I don’t know - it will depend on the details of what went wrong. At the end of the day I could debug and give you a detailed analysis of the cases you show me, but the advice is still going to be the same - don’t do that 🙂


@andreas862 That’s not new, it’s been in there for a long time. It’s a known parinfer problem. The issue is that parinfer can’t infer the parens correctly there since there’s no indentation to work from.


There are some relevant parinfer issues, one sec…

Andreas Liljeqvist10:10:34

Both atom parinfer and the online demo of parinfer forces balance from what I can see


The online demo allows you to choose


But it’s not clear cut, there are cases where forceBalance also creates real strangeness.


I’ve been meaning to add the flag mentioned there but have not yet.


Is there any support for having a clojure file that has access to all the rest of the projects namespaces and vars, but is outside of the source roots? The best I have found so far is to use a Scratch file for this, but is there a better way? Even if the REPL command window could be backed by a file, and we could edit it like any other file, that would be great too. @cfleming


@chris547 Can you describe a bit why you need this?