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Will be in Berlin for at least 90 days from July. Looking for any Clojure or ClojureScript jobs in Europe, prefer Berlin but pretty open-minded. Have right to work in UK already (ancestry visa). Currently a software contractor working remotely in an Angular + Python stack... I've had my Rich Hickey come-to-jesus moment a few months ago. I need to work with the parentheses of love and wisdom.


@benisrood I had the same experience a yr ago. And the more i wrote clojure it became stronger, i can’t go back to writing ruby anymore, it feels wrong somehow to organise your code as classes. Oop makes less and less sense to most scenarios. feels unnecessary.

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@benisrood I met some people from Nubank on Dutch Clojure Days this year. They’re pretty awesome and have a new office in Berlin. Give them a call, I could try and find contact if you want?


That's very kind of you, thank you!

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@benisrood also looks like there’s a Clojure Berlin meet up on the 11 July:

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@benisrood is based in Berlin and does clojure


I see that lambdawerk has job listings on SO jobs currently, so that's great. Sounds like a cool company, thanks!


Thanks all! @shan I will be in Berlin by then so that's perfect, will join meetup and attend!


Hi fellow Clojurians! We have a remote ClojureScript position available that involves a greenfield SPA dashboard app! About us: we're QuasarDB (, a column-oriented timeseries database that is focused on extreme performances (> 50 million inserts/sec). Our clients are mostly in finance, IoT and distributed systems monitoring. The core development team consists of mostly C++ developers, so frontend is not really our cup of tea -- this is where we need your help. 🙂 About the job: short-term, we need a web interface for our database for clients to use. You will have to work with a designer to translate a design into code, and you will have total control over the chosen frontend technologies. The application itself will initially be mostly stats about cluster health, and the ability to run queries / evaluate the results. Long term: our intention is that this turns into a permanent position, but we'll start off on a freelance basis. About you: a few years of professional experience, and ideally one or two completed projects before. You are fed up with the status quo / cargo cult, and have a pragmatic attitude towards completing this project. You can work independently, but have strong communication skills as well. If this position interests you, send me your resume / portfolio + a short intro.